Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Mysterious Animal

One of the most mysterious animals we see near our cabin is the Marten and its cousin, the Fisher. the Marten sometimes called a Pine Marten, is a house cat sized creature that is brown with dark legs and tail and a light-colored head and a white patch on the throat and face, in the winter.

 The Marten has glossy hairs and s silky under fur much liked by furriers that make coats, hats,and detailing for winter coats The fur is valuable and the marten has been trapped in the past for the fur.

The martens were somewhat abundant in the early twentieth century, but disappeared. Recently the animal has made a come back.

The fisher is related to the marten and is larger,. The fisher may weigh up to 15 pounds and is dark brown in color.

The martens seem to like the middle-aged forrest with underbrush that have prey of mice, rabbits, grouse and squirrels as they can run up and down the trees as fast as the squirrels.

The marten lives in hollow logs or cavities in trees. They also have been found in brush piles. The females have their young in the spring time, uaually two or three young.

The local DNR studies these creatures to find out their diets, den locations, survival rates, their young and to learn about their habitat. Seeing a marten or a fisher in the woods is unusual,and if one is seen, one should feel lucky.
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